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Welcome to the ChurchWest Insurance HR Hub

Learn with ministry-focused HR professionals in your region

Join the ChurchWest Insurance HR HubWant to learn about the latest in ministry-focused best practices for human resources? Have a couple hours to spare?

Join our ministry-focused HR speakers as they discuss church-related HR and operations risks and learn how to reduce your own church's risk.

Our goal is to help you stay effective in your mission to further the Kingdom. 

These short, lunch-and-learn-style events cover the latest in church-related HR and operations risks – the type of risks that are exclusively faced by churches just like yours.

Topics we'll cover in 2017 will include: 

  • Compensation planning for staff and designing your benefit plan
  • Ecclesiastical hiring procedures
  • Controlling work comp costs
  • Worker Safety
  • Cyber liability training

Most churches find out about their HR and legal issues through litigation. By then it’s too late; the damage is done! Don't wait around to learn if you're compliant; get answers now.

Fill out the form to the right to get notified about the next HR Hub event in a city near you.

Our Southern California HR Hub locations:

  • San Diego
  • Riverside
  • Porter Ranch

Our Northern California HR Hub locations:

  • Fresno
  • Sacramento/Stockton
  • Santa Rosa

P.S. Don't worry, we won't give away your information to third parties. We use it to respond to your comments, requests, and inquiries. This information may be maintained for future communications.