Background Screening For Your Church

Affordable, fast, comprehensive …

Protect Your Ministry's Children With Background ScreeningWe're committed to helping you protect your congregation by providing an affordable, automated, online criminal background check for church employees and volunteers.

A background check is a great way to screen all your new team members and ensure that they're right for your youth ministry or organization.

Our use of technology results in quick, online background checks of employees and volunteers, to help safeguard your programs. Our partnership with Trak-1 allows access to the most advanced resources available throughout the United States.

A background check for less than $20.00 helps ensure:

  • Children are interacting with trustworthy people
  • Families feel safer participating in programs
  • Children's vulnerable natures are protected
  • Churches are less likely to face damaging and costly litigation

Our combined efforts are intended to bring you the most complete, accurate and dependable public records available, as rapidly as possible.

ChurchWest recognized the importance for organizations to obtain criminal background check results as rapidly as possible. We are pleased to provide you with a program that is a simple to use, state-of-the-art, online automated background check system.

Need to check out that newest volunteer or employee? We’ll get you started. We work with an accredited and affordable partner to bring you accurate background screening results for your new team members.

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